Historical places in Armenia, like Monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin, Cathedral and Churches of Echmiatsin and Archaeological Site of Zvartnots, Monastery of Geghard and the upper Azat Valley are registered in UNESCO's Intangible Heritage of Humanity list.

Besides historical places, Armenian epic poem "David of Sassoun", national dance "Kochari", Armenian "Khachkars" (cross stones), national music instrument "Duduk", as well as "Armenian letter art and its cultural expressions" are included in UNESCO's Intangible Heritage of Humanity list.
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"Vernisazh" is one of the most popular souvenir markets in Yerevan. You can find hear hand-made items of clay, textile, leather, or wood. Do you wish to take traditional Armenian dolls or music instrument "duduk" with you? Maybe you would like to take clay coffee cups reminding you of Armenia. All is there, just have a walk and you will surely find your souvenir!
Armenian food and drinks are delicious!
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